Why Invest in a High Performance Home?

The National Green Building Standard is a voluntary certification program that assures you all the green design, sustainable construction practices and energy efficiency claims made by your builder have been verified! Isn’t that terrific peace of mind?

Your NGBS certified home is healthier by providing your family with fresh air ventilation that improves indoor air quality. Care is taken to limit pollutants and contaminates in the home. Proper moisture management means no mold.

Your NGBS certified home has lower operating costs. Efficient energy and water consumption in the home means smaller utility bills. With durable construction and product selection you can expect fewer maintenance costs over time.

Because none of this is mandatory builders, remodelers and developers have the ability to select from an array of green practices and choose those that are best suited for the community, to your preferences, and the Pacific Northwest climate.

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Find a Better Place to Call Home! A smarter investment…a healthier home…a happier you. NGBS Green Certified homes are designed and constructed to a higher standard. Simply put, green homes are better built homes. Green homes are designed and constructed to be healthier, more comfortable, have lower operating costs, be more durable, and require less maintenance.

We’re always here! Clark Public Utilities is a customer-owned public utility. Formed by a vote of the people in 1938, we provide at-cost electric and water service to Clark County as affordably, reliably and responsibly as possible. As part of our public commitment, we give back to our communities across the county. And, we help residents outsmart energy waste.

Leading the way to better living with affordable, clean energy. Energy Trust information, cash incentives and contractor connections help a range of customers use less energy, generate renewable power and protect the environment. We are a mission-based organization collaborating with utilities, nonprofits and government agencies to deliver significant clean energy benefits for Oregon & SW Washington.